The Tador MT-88 telephone entry units are weather resistant, anodised anti-vandal, very durable, and reliable.

Product Specification

MT-88 and MT-88-Plus

MT-88 Features and Comparison

The MT-88 is a telephone entry system based on DTMF. The units are connected to a telephone line, and use the telephone line to call tenants, allowing them to talk and open the door from anywhere ie from any telephone in the building, or via their mobile phone.

Features MT-88 MT-88-Plus
Display 2 Line LCD 4 Line LCD
Program by Keypad only Keypad/PC-Modem
Call forward 1 number 3 numbers
User codes 170 up to 6 digits 199 up to 6 digits
Apartments 199 199
Proximity cards None 3,000
Voice command No Yes
Size Height 240mm x Wide 125mm Height 280mm x Wide 135mm
Installation type Surface only Surface or Flush
Material Anodised aluminium Anodised aluminium
Standard colour Silver Space Grey or Silver
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