The Tador Gate is a modem for opening doors and gates using a mobile phone.

Product Specification

Tador Gate

Tador Gate Features

Tador Gate is a stand-alone modem for opening an electric gate using a remote voice call without incurring any call cost.

The unit recognises programmed phone numbers, opens the door or gate, and disconnects the call before any charge is incurred.

Features Tador Gate
Uses Suitable for private home owners, apartment buildings, offices, and car parks
Programme by Simple and easy to programme using a local computer or via SMS
Access Open the gateway from anywhere in the world using a mobile phonecall
Options Option to set entry and exit times for guests
Flexible Suitable for all types of SIM cards, from all mobile phone companies
No of users Supports up to 1600 fixed users and 400 guest users
Size Small and compact, unit weighs 120gm
Standard colour Black
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