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SIP Door Entry Systems for PBX

Connect your door entryphone to a phone extension on a SIP-based PBX system.

Tador SIP door entry panels can call any designated telephone extension in the office, allowing the receptionist or other user to talk with the visitor and open the door.
SIP door entry units can have both video and audio, or just audio, depending on your needs.
Features include:
  • Programme the units using the keypad, or via a telephone
  • Call buttons can direct dial to any designated telephone
  • Talk to the door from any telephone
  • Open the door with Rfid card, up to 3,000 users

Tador Telephone Entry Units

All Tador units are fully featured and come in a range of different finishes, features, designs, and prices.

Tador units can be programmed and have two call forward numbers.

Model options include:

  • Keypad for code entry
  • Push button for direct dial
  • Camera
  • Rain cover
  • Extra proximity fobs can be ordered.


Call button panels

One, two, or four button panels. No extra wires are needed, only a data cable and power supply.

See the KX-T927-SIP range


Keypad panels

Keypad call or card reader entry, only a data cable and power supply needed.

See the KX-T918-SIP range

Extended Warranty

Under our extended warranty, we offer:

  • 2 years limited warranty
  • Fully inclusive return to factory
  • Fully inclusive parts cover

*Exclusions apply please see our Terms and Conditions

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