The Tador DR200 telephone entry unit is weather resistant, anodised anti-vandal, very durable, and reliable.

Product Specification

Tador DR200 and AR200 Adaptor

DR200 Features

The DR200 connects to a telephone line via the AR200 adaptor, and has one button to call an office phone, or any cordless handset in the house, with optional proximity card reader.

Features DR200
Button Anti-vandal, illuminated
Doors 1 or 2
Apartments House
Proximity cards Rfid Option, 300
Size 165 x 99 x 42mm
Installation type AR200 Adaptor, 2 wires
Material Anodised aluminium
Standard colour Silver

AR200 Features

The AR200 door entry phone adaptor works with the DR200. It enables direct intercom connection to the home or office telephone line.

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