The Tador Sapir door entry panels are easy and quick to fit.

Product Specification

Tador Audio or Video Sapir Door Entry Panels

Sapir Features

The Sapir audio or video door entry system range allow connection from one to thirty-two apartments.

Features Sapir-1P Sapir-32
Panel Anti-vandal Anti-vandal
Keypad Backlit Backlit
Call Button Illuminated Illuminated
Background Noise Noise Cancelling Noise Cancelling
Installation 2 wires 2 wires
No Answer GSM call to mobile available GSM call to mobile available
No of Monitors up to 4 up to 32
Camera HD HD
Audio Only Available Available
Monitor Available Here Available Here
Size 222 x 142 x 42mm 240 x 120 x 42mm
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